Short Talks

Short talks, or teaser talks, are designed to be quick and engaging. They are no longer than 3 minutes each.  Below are the anticpated talks for New.Mech 2019.

Short Talks Session I (10:40am -11:20am)

Author        Title
Junsoo Kim  Thermodynamics of imperfect gels
Chockalingam Senthinathan Multi-body finite element simulation of highly compressed microgel-packings
Hyunki Kim  Light-driven assembly of nanocomposite gel surfers 
Adam Sliwiak   An arc-length simulation-based analysis of elastic instabilities in hydrogels
Hmaed O’Ghaffarl  Topological transition point in an Acoustic-Crackling Crystal
Qihan Liu  A viscoelastic beam theory of polymer jets
Jian Li Domain formations and pattern transitions via instabilities in soft particulate composite
Shihong Li  Continuum modeling of size-segregation in dense, bidisperse granular materials
Chris Barney    Fracture of model end-linked networks
Kim Hyeongiun   Low-voltage reversible electro-adhesion of Ionoelastomer junctions


Short Talks Session II (11:50am-12:30pm)

Author        Title
Teng Zhang                                    Harnessing energy landscape exploration to control the buckling of cylindrical shells
Kshitij Kumar Yadav  Imperfection insensitivity of thin wave cylindrical shells under axial compression or bending
Emmanuel Virot  Non-destructive prediction of the buckling load of imperfect shells 
Jacob Merson       Using generalized boundary conditions to reduce model size in multiscale modeling of collagen tissue
Changyeob Baek  Unravelling the mechanics of a clasp between two contacting filaments
Xudong Liang  Programming impulsive deformation with mechanical metamaterial
Bryan Ovelheiro        Consideration of 3D printed biofilm carriers for wastewater treatment
Matthew Giso Sculpting high aspect ratio crystals from an oil in water emulsion
Zhaoyu Xie  Percolation governs order to disorder transition for two-dimensional dense particle packing


Short Talks Session III (3:20pm-4:00pm)

Author      Title
Gary Choi                                      Geometric and topological control of kirigami
Yi Yang  Delicate high precision grasping with a kirigami shell gripper
Jiawei Tian Designing ferromagnetic soft robots (FerroSoRo) with Level-Set-Based Multiphysics Topology optimization 
Xiaoqiang Xu Topology optimization of multimaterial thermoelectric structures
Jun Li    Modeling anisotropic elastic and fracture properties of 3D printed polymers
Pinkeh Malhotra High-speed microscopic imaging of dynamic failure events
Anup Dey Anita Oscillations of a cantilevered micro beam driven by a viscoelastic flow instability
Maysam Gorji  Towards a neural network approach to describe the constitutive modeling of a material
Yecheng Wang Instant, tough, noncovalent adhesion