The talks and posters will be held in the Integrative Sciences Building Room ISB135. 


Author                                                             Title
Peter Yichen Chen Simulating Granular Shear Localization Using a Hybrid Discrete-Continuum Approach
Mary Elizabeth Lee Configuration spaces of simple origami
Pavida Charoen-Rajapark Capturing electric-field induced surface instabilities of soft dielectrics with fluorescence confoca
Wanliang Shan Dynamic dry adhesion through subsurface pressure modulation
Hares Wahdat Polymer interdiffusion in ionically cross-linked, water-borne acrylic PSAs studied with FRET
Sacchita Tiwari Laser-induced cavitation dynamics of polydimethylsiloxane with varying cross-linking density and mol
Xiaoxiao Xhang Non-uniform curvature and anisotropic deformation control wrinkling patterns on tori
Zhiqiang Shen Interplay between ligand mobility and nanoparticle geometry during cellular uptake of PEGylated lipo
Rojin Ghandriz

Predicting Fracture of Layered 3D Printed Material

Cynthia Bukowski Entanglement of mechanical properties of ultra-thin glassy polymer films
Baohong Chen Molecular staples for tough and stretchable adhesion in integrated soft materials
Shyamal Kishore Underwater dynamic collapse of sandwich composite structures integrated soft materials
Irine NEBA Mforsoh Constitutive compressive behavior of polyrea with exposure to aggressive marine environments
Fani Derveni High-fidelity finite element modeling of cold-formed steel shear walls
John Farah Rapid wafering of wide bandgap substrates
Fan Lie Effect of interface width and printing orientation on tensile properties of 3D printed interfaces
Lucia Stein-Montalvo Circumferential buckling of the confined d-cone
Chen Chao Flower inspiration: iridescence through hierarchical wrinkles in soft multilayers
Arman Guerra Emergence of structure in elastogranular columns
Koray Senol Underwater mechanical response of foams
Hao Wu Mechanically-mediated interactions between solid domains in composite vesicles
Zi Chen A reconfigurable biohybrid soft robot with remote control
Schicheng Huang Controllable shape changing and tri-stability of bilayer composite
Hongbo Fu Needle-induced liquid deposition in soft material
Kshitij Kumar Yadav Imperfection insensitivity of thin wavy cylindrical shells under axial compression or bending
Junbo Chen Harnessing energy landscape exploration to control the buckling of cylindrical shells